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  Randy Sandke: The Mystic Trumpeter (ES-108)
  We at Evening Star feel this CD represents a significant advance in the harmonic language of jazz. Based on Sandke's "metatonal" theory of harmony, The Mystic Trumpeter promises to open up a whole new range of improvisational possibilities.
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About This CD

Total Time:
2003 & 2004, NYC
Randy Sandke (trumpet); Scott Robinson (tenor & soprano sax, bass flute); Wycliffe Gordon (trombone); Ted Rosenthal (piano); Greg Cohen (bass); Dennis Mackrel (drums & percussion)
THE MYSTIC TRUMPETER: Liquid Prelude; The Walks of Paradise; Sounds of Smiting Steel; The Flames That Heat the World; Distant Thunder; Enough to Merely Be
SYMPHONY FOR SIX: Allegro; Adagio; Scherzo; Rondo

Sound Clips

"Liquid Prelude"

"The Walks of Paradise"

"Sounds of Smiting Steel"

"The Flames that Heat the World"

"Distant Thunder"

"Enough to Merely Be"





"Play all songs (low bandwith)"

"Play all songs (high bandwith)"

Artist's Statement

Although I have made many recordings during my career, nearly all have been made according to the wishes and strictures of a particular recording company. Almost never have I had the latitude to do my own original music in my own way. This situation especially applies to that body of music that I refer to as "metatonal." Metatonal music is music that is harmonically derived, as is tonal music, yet uses different harmonies in a different way. For those who are interested in taking a closer look at this new approach to composition and improvisation, I refer you to my book, HARMONY FOR A NEW MILLENNIUM, published by Hal Leonard Music, Inc. (2001). In a sense, this is my first record, or at least the first recording devoted exclusively to my own personal way of creating music. However, it is my sincere desire that those who hear it respond on an emotional level first before even considering the technical aspect of how this music is put together.

-- Randy Sandke


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